NASA's Day of Remembrance

We Remember
We Remember

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL. – Today, January 25, 2024, NASA paused and took time to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the pursuit of space exploration. The Day of Remembrance is an annual event that is open to the public on the grounds of the Kennedy Space Center Visitors Center in front of Space Mirror Memorial. As in years past, each attendee receives a flower that they can place by the Space Mirror at the conclusion of the ceremony.

Kathie Scobee Fulgham. Photo Credit: Michael Howard
Leading the ceremony was Kathie Scobee Fulgham, the daughter of Commander Francis “Disk” Scobee. In conjunction with this ceremony, additional ceremonies were also held at the Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, the Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama, the Johnson Space Center in Texas and the Stennis Space Center in Mississippi as well as additional NASA sites across the country.

Brevard County Fire Rescue Honor Guard. Photo Credit: Michael Howard
Chaplin Garcia Barnswell-Schmidt. Photo Credit: Michael Howard
Opening this morning’s ceremony was the Brevard County Fire Rescue Honor Guard and a singing of the Nation Anthem by Suzy Cunningham and Chaplin Garcia Barnswell-Schmidt gave the opening invocation.

Burton R. Summerfield. Photo Credit: Michael Howard
Speaking on behalf of the Kennedy Space Center was Burton R. Summerfield, Associate director of Management. “Today is an important day for NASA and the nation as we recognize the contribution and the sacrifice made in the pursuit of space exploration and discovery for all. Despite the decades that separate these individual tragedies, we keep there memories close and the lessons they taught us”.

Karen Bassett Stevenson. Photo Credit: Michael Howard
Also speaking at today’s ceremony was Karen Bassett Stevenson daughter of Charles Basstee II. “We explore the ways that objects we cherish can remind us of who we are, what matters to us. We look to the past and the present to shape the future. On this day of remembrance, this space mirror reflects the sky and the flag. The mirror is so much more than polished stone and steel, it also represents the things we can only hold in our hearts. In the mirrors reflection, beyond the names we love so dearly, we can see courage, curiosity, love, hope, fear, grief, loss, longing and extraordinary pride.”

Honor Guard and the ringing of the bell with the reading of those lost. Photo Credit: Michael Howard
In a statement from NASA: “Our annual Day of Remembrance honors the sacrifice of the NASA family who lost their lives in the pursuit of discovery,” said Nelson. “While it is a solemn day, we are forever thankful that our fallen heroes shared their spirt of exploration with NASA, our country, and the world. Today, and every day, we embrace NASA’s core value of safety as we expand our reach in the cosmos for the benefit of all humanity.”

Presentation of the Wreath. Photo Credit: Michael Howard
Presenting the wreath at today’s remembrance ceremony were: Karen Bassett Stevenson, Lowell Grissom, brother of Guss Grissom, Sheryl Chaffee daughter of Roger Chaffee and Kathie Scobee Fulgham.

Lowell Grissom and Sheryl Chaffee. Photo Credit: Michael Howard
Each year, NASA holds this ceremony around the anniversaries of the Apollo 1 fire that occurred during a test that resulted in the loss of the three astronauts aboard on January 27, 1967, the loss of Challenger and the STS-51L crew during ascent after launching from LC-39A on January 28, 1986 and the loss of Columbia and her STS- 107 crew when the shuttle broke apart during re-entry on February 1, 2003. Image Credits: Michael Howard – We Report Space


NASA's Day of Remembrance 2024

Today, January 25, 2024, NASA paused and took time to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the pursuit of space exploration.

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