TurkSat 6A Heads Towards Orbit

Graham Smith

July 9, 2024

Turkish Aerospace who built the TurkSat 6A partnered with SpaceX to carry Turkey’s newest and also first satellite developed solely in Turkey

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SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launches GOES-U

GOES-U launches to aid in the study of Earth's weather

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"Nebula" In the Night

Crew 8 and Dragon Endeavour Head towards the I.S.S.

After a one day delay for weather concerns, the Crew 8 launch came at 10:53 PM EST of March 3, 2024 from Launch Complex 39-A

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Arrival of Crew 8

Crew 8 Arrives at K.S.C. ahead of a Journey to the I.S.S.

With the arrival of the Crew-8 astronauts on February 25, 2024, everything is moving forward towards the early morning launch of Crew-8 to the International Space Station (I.S.S.)

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