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Members of the SpaceX CRS-3 NASASocial pose under the entrance to Kennedy Space Center’s Atlantis exhibit. Photo credit: Kelli Klymenko

We Report Space invites you to report space. Submit your photos, essays and random musings related to your NASA Social experiences. Material submitted will be featured on We Report Space social feeds and may even someday be printed in a future edition of We Report Space (Volume 1 available June 1, 2016).


We Report Space was founded by members of the CRS-3 NASA Social group and exists to feature stunning launch photography and reflections by past and present NASA Social participants.


Getting started is super-simple; just use the form below to send us your story / photos / experiences from attending a NASA Social. You’re perfectly welcome to share links to your content, but please provide a bit of description here so that our visitors can learn a bit more about you.

Make sure you provide your name and email address, so that we can reach out if we have questions, and so we can properly credit you for your work. Once we’ve verified your participation in the NASA Social program, we’ll approve your story and share it here, and on our social media accounts.


Details, disclaimers and other points that may (or may not) be important:

  1. All submissions will be reviewed by the We Report Space team before it goes live. We reserve the right to correct glaring errors (typographical and/or factual), but generally speaking, the material you submit is your material and will be labelled as such. With some very reasonable exceptions (see #2), we do not endeavor to enforce style guides (AP or other) and will let your particular style be represented.
  2. We will not tolerate the (direct or even implied) disparagement of NASA, companies or people in the spaceflight sector or even our fellow socialites and members of the media. Like the NASA Social program, this is to be a place for enthusiasts for all things space. Agendas should be set aside, or at least not advanced through the besmirching of others.
  3. You own and retain rights to all material you submit to We Report Space.
  4. Your submissions of material to We Report Space shall be considered consent to allow We Report Space to promote/use your submitted material on We Report Space’s website and associated social feeds. If your material is selected for inclusion in a print edition, we’ll contact you to arrange usage.
  5. You warrant that you are the original author of or that you’ve received permission to use any material you submit to We Report Space.

Thanks and we look forward to seeing your submissions!

Bill, Jared and Mike

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